Full/Operational/Toolbox, installation view


Full/Operational/Toolbox, installation view

Seth Price-Title Variable

Seth Price, Title Variable

Otto von Busch-Self Passage Methods

Otto von Busch, Self Passage Methods

Damon Zucconi-At Asserting Its Object Status

Damon Zucconi, 'At' Asserting its Object Status (Found Sculture)

Aleksandra Domanovic-Grobari

Aleksandra Domanovic, Grobari

Forms Of Melancholy-curated by Chris Coy

Forms of Melancholy, curated by Chris Coy

Let's Remake-Universe Generator

Let's Remake, Universe Generator

Dexter Sinister-Monument To Co-Operation

Dexter Sinister, Monument to Co-Operation

Index Of Potential

Index of Potential, www.indexofpotential.net

Index Of Potential

Oliver Laric, R-U-IN?S (Kari Altmann) - www.indexofpotential.net

Index Of Potential

Gareth Long, Harm van den Dorpel, Georgia Sagri - www.indexofpotential.net

Full/Operational/Toolbox looked at a set of contemporary art practices that negotiate the artwork as a hybrid object, as a flow of multiple manifestations and possibilities, involving processes of (re)production that point towards an alternative economy of creativity.

Otto von Busch, Forms of Melancholy curated by Chris Coy, Aleksandra Domanovic, Seth Price, Let’s Remake, Dexter Sinister, Damon Zucconi

Participants of the parallel project Index of Potential (continuously updated):

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